Mello (or the Swedish takeout to the Eurovision festival)

Oh, you might be surprised i write about this. But this year is od… The two songs I kind of liked were the two top ones. How is that even possible? I used to like music that wasn’t mainstream. Somehow it became mainstream. Sure I still like my drum and bass, trans and tecno, but Unforgettable is dansable.

Right while I was writing this my wife read an ad from our local nightclub, Lucky Lada, and they are having a rave on the 30th of March. I would love to go. But with who? I won’t get my wife there. Music is one thing were we don’t have the same taste. (Even though I don’t mind the music she listens to). But the things I like are not here cup of tea. Might go on my own.

Lately I have really enjoyed Beautiful Lies by B-Complex and Amateur by Zonderling, but I’ve also come back to James Brown is Dead by L.A. Style one of my first contacts with this music back in Paris in 1992.

Falling Willow

Falling willow

We had this Willow tree that I have been chipping away on, two of its main stems were already cut down. A couple of weeks ago it broke fairly high up. So it was definitely time to cut it down to not injure someone when it finally came down.

Now I “only” have to make firewood out of it.

A bit much water

As people following the news already know we have a lot of water in our part of the country.

Today we made our usual round, walking down to the lake. Some of our neighbors have water in houses on their property, (guests house and the house at the pier).

The trees are usually on dry land

The picnic table is close to where the shoreline used to be.

Picnic table pushed by ice.

The high water level is also influencing the water on the field by our house even if we aren’t in any danger for now.

Sunset from our porch.

This is a natural catastrophe in slow motion.

Winter returned

So… we got a “white” Christmas Eve morning but then the rain came and transformed our place to a shore property.

The lake where the field was before.

Actually our lake made it to national news as there are houses on the other side of the lake that are on lower land. On our side only our walkway along the shore became a walkway through the lake.

The picnic tables are a bit far out for a nice picnic by the lake.

But then on Tuesday evening the rain turned to snow. All day yesterday it snowed, and the wind didn’t distribute it evenly.

It was so bad that the main road we take to Höör was closed for a while and just to the south of us closed for 5 hours, but that is nothing compared to the chaos on the motorway just som 20 km from here, it was closed for more than 24 hours.

It was snowing so much my footsteps blew over while I went to get more firewood

So today it was shoveling time. Susanna did a bit too. Somehow the snow had decided the best place to settle was on our driveway.

The biggest drift in front of the garage. It was 50 cm deep.
Here it is clear how much the snow varies, to the right it’s 50 cm and on the left just about 5.

Now I’m done. That’s some good workout.

Enjoying the fire after.

So now we aren’t snowed in anymore.