The joy of becoming a father

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound. You know the kind of examination where one can see into a belly to see the child.
Somehow it’s sinking in now.
I’m becoming a father.
I am a father.
Am I ready to become a father?
It’samazing. Things are changing already, but there will be more, I’m well aware of that.
I can’t imagine how things will be. I think they will be great. I think we’ll be tired and stressed. I think we won’t know what to do with our joy. I think we won’t know what to do with our worries.
All I can see now is that since so many others have managed and brought up decent people, will do too.
Up until now it’s been unreal. I have seen the changes of Susanna. I’ve seen her belly grow. But still.
Now it’s much more real. I saw the pictures. I saw it move. Saw it react when the belly was poked. There is a little life in there. My child! Our child!
Now what?
Preparations will go on. We kind of started even before we were married signing up for this apartment we live in. Still there are so many more things to prepare
Susanna isa real planer. I’m more of a doer, without planning. Not that smart I guess when it comes to a kid. Now I have to listen to her smart and really precautions plans, while I’m dreaming of a wall painted with figures by me inthe child’s room. While I think of what kind of bike trailer would be the best.I’m so glad I have her in this.
What next?
Here a picture of the child.

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