A happy day coming up and some other things

Today I’ve been back to work for two weeks. Time flies.

Tomorrow is a big day. Not because Ellinor is becoming four weeks old, but because two good friends are getting married.

This will be a challenge, we still have not gotten into all the routines we want, nor do we get all the sleep we need. I think it will work. We just hope she is in agood mood and won’t be too scared by all the people.

Back to my good friends: Jordana and Suppe:
Sad to say I’ve been a bit too busy to spend time with them lately. Anyhow, I’m convinced that they are a perfect match.

Suppe with his cool and calm ways, rubbing some of that off on Jordana. Jordana with her temperament and social skills that just lift Suppe. I know Jordana, how she sees things in people that no one else sees. I remember when she said that Suppe would be a great guy, but that he was a bit young. Good she changed her mind on that. I remember when Suppe first helped out with the sound, really getting it all together. Now when he leads worship it shows he has tried that too, knowing how to make the life of a sound technician easy. And he has a great voice too.

I’m just so happy that they are getting one tomorrow.

And now to some total unrelated stuff:
I managed to rip off the wire to the gears of my bicycle on Wednesday, after only 3300km. I thought my new bike would be better, but somehow it ripped off anyway. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult to change. Actually it was easier than on the old bike. (There I had to change it every 1000 km or so). I bought it on the way home.

Soon I have to get a new winter tire too. The back one had worn out this spring. It’s just safer to bike with spikes when there is snow and ice.
We still aren’t sleeping nearly as much as we need, but I have the feeling it’s getting better. I get enough to get by, but I don’t know how Susanna makes it. Today I was surprised by them being out walking, I met them out at the big road while biking home.

Just one more picture of Ellinor

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