She is growing

Today I was back to work fulltime. The day went fast, I think because of a fun task, (making a map) and an afternoon meeting.

I picked up the last part of the bike-trailer on the way home, so now it is fully functional, except the fact that Ellinor still is a bit too small to use it. We’ll have to wait to try it out on her until spring, now it will only be used for shopping or other transporting tasks.

Ellinor is growing! That is always exciting. She still doesn’t like to sleep when we want, but I guess that will stay until she has moved out of the house, sure it will be easier in a while and some nights it already is.

We realised that there are plenty of pictures of me with Ellinor. Like this one:

Ellinor and I

But not many with Susanna, so we made one with her too:

Ellinor and Susanna

They are just lovely!

This was just a short little update; more comes as more thoughts show up.

1 thought on “She is growing

  1. Ni är fina allihop! Fast det är klart att Ellinor konkurrerar ut er med ganska många hästlängder 🙂 Roligt att få en liten rapport.

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