First run (in Höör)

I finally did it, my first run in Höör. I haven’t really taken care of me for the last couple of months. My last run was in mid-May. That’s just too long ago. A week ago I decided that after the cold I had I should start running again. Now the cold is kind of gone, it doesn’t bother me anymore so I decided that it was time.

I thought I’ll put up a note here once every now and then about how it goes, maybe that motivates me more. I have to keep up exercising, now that I’m not using my bicycle as much as before, due to the fact that I won’t be living in bicycling distance from my work. (And that almost everything else is within walking distance and we have a car).

Here is a picture of the route that I ran today, it took me 23 minutes for the 3,14 kilometres it is long.

Map of first run in Höör

I also got my speedometer for the bicycle working again so now I will know how fast and how far I’m actually going. Today we (my daughter was in the trailer) went to City Gross (a Supermarket) a round trip of 5 kilometres. Not really that far, almost walking distance actually.

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