One more day to guess the bridges!

So far only the bridge on the 1st of advent and on Christmas day has three correct guesses, so there are many more points to gather. Don’t forget that you can get points even if there is a correct answer already. So far there are still 11 bridges where not one correct answer has been given. (There might be answers there but they aren’t correct, and no I won’t tell you which bridges).

There are clues on all bridges now, hope you get some help from them.

2 thoughts on “One more day to guess the bridges!

  1. Hej Johannes! Vad fina bilder du tagit! Förutom Öresundsbron (17/12) känner jag bara igen bron över sundet i Christiansö utanför Bornholm- 23/12. Där var vi i somras. Gott nytt år! Dan W

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