And the winner is:

Here are the results from the contest:

Seven people guessed bridges in the contest. Five of whom got points.

The first runner up is: Markus, he got 20 points and had 5 three-pointers.

The winner is: Pappa, he got 27 points and had only three-pointers. There are two Fulltofta Blond waiting for you when you get here.

To the rest of you guessing; good job! I probably should have made commenting easier so that more two- and one-pointers would be given out. And don’t forget… Search-engines are your friends.

All Bridges

3 thoughts on “And the winner is:

  1. Thank you Johannes.
    Maybe I should mention for the others that it was not a insider win. Johannes mouth was zipped when I tried to lure him.
    His blogg was one of my sources, the other one my friend Google and my third was that we had own experiences from some of the places. So I put some effort into the quiz and am looking forward to the Fulltoftas. One more reason to visit you all again
    Thanks for providing that fun-quiz

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