Some days biking is fun

Some days the bike ride to work is easy, other days it’s just plain agony. Yesterday it was fun.

This week I’ve only biked to work two times. Due to a trip to Gothenburg and Malmoe this week I couldn’t bike as much as I like. On Monday I biked to the Old Town in the morning. I was surprised with the amount of people biking to work these days. Back when I worked in town there were maybe 3-5 other bicyclist at the traffic-lights on good days. Now it was maybe 10-15. That’s some change.

So many other bicyclists are a bit of a hassle, the bike-paths are just not made for that much traffic. I had to break so many times not being able to overtake due to oncoming traffic. I can imagine doing this every day makes you do stupid things like cutting people off or just do a chicken-race with the oncoming bicyclists. I did see that happen a few times on my ride into town. Good I’m working in a different direction. I only overtake maybe four or five others on my way there and that’s just not as stressful.

Yesterday it was a rainy day. Most of the times I don’t care too much about rain biking. But yesterday it was just right. First of all I wouldn’t have any traffic. (There are just less people out bicycling on rainy days). Then I would really wake up. I have been a bit tired after working and travelling a lot. I had a meeting early at work.

The best part was that I had prepared good. The most important part was that I had my shoe-cover. This keeps my feet dry, even though I have a few really big puddles along the way. Then I did remember to bring a second set of dry clothes. It’s so much better not to have to change to damp cloths after work.

I was soaked getting to work, I didn’t get as wet on the way home, the rain had lightened up. This made up for two really fun bike-rides.

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