Mello (or the Swedish takeout to the Eurovision festival)

Oh, you might be surprised i write about this. But this year is od… The two songs I kind of liked were the two top ones. How is that even possible? I used to like music that wasn’t mainstream. Somehow it became mainstream. Sure I still like my drum and bass, trans and tecno, but Unforgettable is dansable.

Right while I was writing this my wife read an ad from our local nightclub, Lucky Lada, and they are having a rave on the 30th of March. I would love to go. But with who? I won’t get my wife there. Music is one thing were we don’t have the same taste. (Even though I don’t mind the music she listens to). But the things I like are not here cup of tea. Might go on my own.

Lately I have really enjoyed Beautiful Lies by B-Complex and Amateur by Zonderling, but I’ve also come back to James Brown is Dead by L.A. Style one of my first contacts with this music back in Paris in 1992.

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