One more change of platform

I have once more decided to change my blogging platform. This time it’s not because I’m upset with something blogspot did or so, but because I can.

I have my own webpage and domain; I should use it to its full extent. Now I do, by having the software and database on my own turf.

As software I chose WordPress, mainly because it was easy to install on my webhotel. I’ll keep the blogspot page for a while, but this will be the last post there. (You might read actually read this on my new page, depending on how you found my blog).

Anyhow, the link to it now is:

Sorry to all of you who set up your rss readers to follow me. I hope you don’t mind changing to this new place. I promise it will be the last move in a while. (Why should I move from my own place?)

As you can see, I’ve moved all posts from blogspot here.

I also got indications that the commenting function didn’t work all the time there, so if it doesn’t work here, just let me know in some other way. (E-mail, phone, message on facebook) (And no, I won’t post my e-mail address here).


New blog platform

I have decided to move my blog to Blogger. Myspace, where I had the blog before changed the layout, not to my liking, so now I’ll blog here.
I will reposted some of the latest blog post here too, but to find all of them go to:
Most pictures are still posted on my homepage:
Hope you enjoy my new choice of platform.