We have a bird feeder in our apple tree next to our house. Today I decided to look a little more careful to see what kind of birds there are. Here are my findings, with translations to Swedish and German. I didn’t get all of them on photo, I wasn’t thinking about taking pictures first, here the ones that did end up on camera:

Goldfinch Steglits Stieglitz


This morning I first saw this little bird at our feeder, probably the reason I’m writing this blog post.

Nuthatch Nötväcka Kleiber

NuthatchHere the Goldfinch has gotten company by a much more common visitor at the feeder. (I’m sorry for the dark pictures, not so easy to get them right they really move fast.

Great tit Talgoxe Kohlmeise

Great tit

This is the most common bird at our feeder, here one is picking up seeds from the ground.

F 2016-01-20-14-20-48

Here it is competing with the Gold Finch.

Great tit liftoff

And a lucky shot of one just after lift-off.

Common blackbird Koltrast Amsel

Common blackbird I love this bird for their songs in spring and early summertime. Here it looked a bit cold. There are not that many of them here, but they are coming regularly.

Blue tit Blåmes Blaumeise

F 2016-01-20-14-22-40

This small bird is also fairly common and normally one of the first to come to the feeder.

Marsh tit Entita Sumpfmeise

Marsh tit

I’m not entirely sure I’m right with this one; it could also be a Willow tit (Talltita Weidenmeise). This is in my guess the smallest bird we have here.

Here a list of birds I didn’t get pictures of:

Magpie Skata Elster

Jackdaw Kaja Dohle, I’m usually trying to chase them away, as they empty the feeder within minutes.

House sparrow Gråsparv Haussperling

There are also Pheasant Fasan Fasan visiting the feeder, but I haven’t seen it today. I did see the tracks though. We also found tracks from European rabbit Europeisk kanin Wildkaninchen by the feeder. I followed the tracks around our place and it seems they do not live in the pile of rocks we have but somewhere else, probably closer to the lake.