Ordered a bike trailer

Today we ordered a bike trailer. Now we will be able to be even less dependent on a car.

I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while now and I convinced Susanna that it would be a good idea.

The one we decided to by is a kind that can be used as a stroller, children’s trailer or cargo trailer. This will give us possibilities to use it both to go on tours with Ellinor (once she’s big enough to wear a helmet) and to do our weekly shopping.

Now I have to learn how to bike with a trailer. It shouldn’t be that hard, but I have to learn to not speed along as usual, since one should not pull it too fast.

Last week there was a proposition made that cars would have to yield at bike path crossings. I think that is a really bad idea, in some cases it’s smart, when there is a yield sign before the bike path and the adjacent road is a main road it makes sense that cars yield to bikes, but when a bike path is crossing a main road it’s just plain stupid to not slow down and yield to cars, since there is a big chance that the driver on the main road won’t see the bike in time.

Here is the link (in Swedish) to a post by Stina Bergström where she writes about it. I think it is good to do promote bicycling, but to give the bicycles right of way is not a good way of doing it, it’s just too dangerous. Making it legal to bike on the road if you keep some kind of minimum speed (maybe 20 or 30 km/h) when there is a combined bicycle-walking path along it is a far better idea, due to the dangers of going fast on a path where there can be pedestrians.

But as usual, the first things to do to promote bicycling are not new rules but to see to that the rules there are, really are enforced. Both when it comes to bicyclist (like driving in the wrong direction, against red light or on the sidewalk), or motor vehicles (like parking on bike paths or turning without using turn signals).

And keep the bike paths clear of snow and slush in the winter!

"It feels like bicycling is counteracted"

I was interviewed for a blog about bicycling in Stockholm. Now I’m a bicycle ambassador here.
Sorry the text is in Swedish.
Here is a short recap:

“It feels like bicycling is counteracted”

“He won’t give up bicycling. Even though he has endured being told of by motorists. Even though the bike lanes are crowded with other cyclists and pedestrians on too narrow pathways. And even though he has to parry cracks in the pavement of the bike lanes
But Johannes Wolfmaier also sees the improvements in the infrastructure and that the bicycle anyhow is the best way for him to transport himself. It is fast, he feels free and gets exercise. Meet another of Cycleville STHLM:s ambassadors.”
After this introduction comes a bunch of questions about my bicycling where I describe how things are for me as a bicyclist.
I hope that being in this blog makes some kind of difference. So that people see the possibilities with bicycling.
Bicycling has been somewhat difficult this winter, I actually had a two week break in the beginning of January due to the snow that wasn’t removed from the bike paths. Now it is getting better but I still can’t go as fast as I would like.
I even have a bus pass right now, but I prefer not to use it on my way to work since it takes me more than 20 minutes longer by bus to get there. (And I don’t have to wait for it at a cold bus stop).
I’m happy I have winter tyres with spikes on the bicycle, ice isn’t that much of a problem this way, but when the snow is kind of slushy it gets tricky. Not really a problem when I only go straight on, but trying to turn in the slush is not a good idea.
I wish the town would prioritise the bike lanes and paths more in the winter to truly make Stockholm to a bicycle friendly place.