Siam, mouse-hunter master and friend.

Siam died. We are sad. He was a great and beautiful cat.

Siam on the bathtub

Sadly he caught something and became ill, very ill. We didn’t realise how bad things were until mid-last week when we contacted our veterinarian. They didn’t have any appointment before Monday and told us to contact some other place if he became worse. And he did. So on Saturday I went to the animal clinic in Lund to see what can be done. He was barely able to walk when we got there. Just skin and bones. The veterinarian told me she was surprised that he lived with that low of a body temperature. There were only very slim chances of him ever getting well and the best thing would be for him to die.

So he left us. Back home we gave him a nice little burial.

Siams grave

Hi is missed. By me, by everyone in our family. The kids got to say goodbye before we left for the animal clinic.

Siam and Milo hiding under the sofa.

He came to us in the beginning of 2006. It took him a while to start to connect to us, but when he did he really enjoyed my company.

They soon started to enjoy our garden and the surroundings. Making life difficult for all the rodents and some birds too. The wild bunnies moved out of our place rather quick after one of them losing to Siam. Siam was the big hunter, but both did a great job keeping mice out of our house.

Siam on the field

It took a while until they dared to come close to our kids. All of them have had periods when they chased them. They are also loud, and Siam didn’t like that. For the last couple of years our daughter has become a person they trusted though.

The cats didn’t sleep in our bedroom for most of the time, but came for a cuddle after we went to bed frequently.

In the end Siam was friendly with all kids; he even enjoyed being petted of all of them at the same time.

Siam and Milo on the sofa.

We are so happy we got this time with him. Now we will take care of Milo who has lost his brother the best we can.